What does paradise by the dashboard light mean?

One time my dad and I sang that song karaoke at the fair. Okay…wtf were we thinking. Pretty sick to sing that song with your dad, right? LOL. We;re from Idaho. No one thought anything of it.

Seriously though, it’s one of my favorite songs. I like…love all these songs that came out before I was even walking. I really should have been born at an earlier time so I could have grown up in the 80s I think!

Paradise By The Dashboard Light

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What does paradise by the dashboard light mean?

First you have to break down the song into three seperate pieces. Paradise, Let Me Sleep On It and Praying For The End of TIme (at least as was originally in the full length 27 MINUTE version). It deals with the normal prom date jitters of having the “perfect girl” while you are in the first section of “Paradise” and begins to get into how he wants to go from “first base” to “home run”. By the time we reach “Let Me Sleep On It” you get into the girl saying that she won’t “give it up” until the guy promises to love her forever (keep in mind the was written in 1978) and after careful consideration we reach “Praying for the End Of Time” in which he can see the “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” as some relate sex to a euphoric feeling or “Paradise” and the dashboard light is the reflection of the moon’s glow of the dashboard illuminating her skin. By the end of the song, he regrets having promised to love her forever for a few moments in the back seat.

having sex ( a feeling of being in paradise) with the light shining through the window of a car across the dashboard ( though it can also mean the dashboard instrument lighting shinning on them as well)

Thats from the Meatloaf song which is about teens having sexual relations in the car.

Thus paradsie by the dashboards light.

Well in short it means getting lucky

One time at the bar I walked up to this girl and stood there, didn’t say a thing just stared at her.
She got really freaked out, I have no idea why…

It means Phil Rizzuto was was either ignorant of playing dumb when he did the voice-over for the song. STOP RIGHT THERE!

‘Getting some’ in the car

it has something to do with a backseat of a car and the sun coming up

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