What is the problem in cpu usage?

I have avast internet security and avg free9.0. But after downloading avast(from official site) ;whenever i scan or use any of system tools(like disk clean-up or disk defrag.) the “cpu usage” shows usage in the range 60-100%(in my case generally it is 5-25% MAXXXimum )
this makes my pc toooo slow to…

NEVER and i repeat NEVER install 2 antivirus software. they both scan your files at the same time and this makes your cpu run high and your computer slower

UNINSTALL avg and it will work much faster

Nope. That’s pretty normal. It’s just the anitvirus trying to use all the CPU power to scan your computer as fast as it can or, for the disk cleanup, clean up the disk as fast as it can. If you want to be sure, check the processes tab in task manager and check to see where most of the CPU power is going. If all the power is going to the antivirus or disk cleanup program while they’re running, then you’re fine. If there’s other processes taking up a lot of CPU power, then you have a problem.

The reason it’s so high is because when it’s scanning there’s A LOT of stuff happening with your hard drive, in order to keep up with the stuff your CPU has to work hard. Most (if not all) computers usually have a very large increase in CPU usage during disk cleanup and virus scans.

There’s nothing you can do. But it’s not harming your computer. And it’s not because of a virus either.

I use !avast too, but only because I use XP pro 64 and its the best that’s compatible. You may have a conflict with avg and avast running together, not all AVs play together well. Microsoft Security Essentials, Panda Cloud and Avira are all very good free AVs with small system footprints and these three actually work together well (yes, on the same machine – those saying never use more than one should not be sought for advice on anything).

It seems such as you have a corrupted consumer account. Create yet another consumer account, reboot your laptop, login because of fact the consumer you basically created, and open up explorer, in the adventure that your CPU utilization is low relatively than maxed at a hundred%, you have a corrupted consumer account. If CPU utilization nonetheless max’s at a hundred%, you in all risk have a deadly disease. wish this permits

When you scan your computer with an antivirus, it tries to go as fast as possible, and so it sucks up all the available CPU power. It takes a long time to process all the scan data, so I’d recommend not using your computer while its scanning, and just waiting until it’s done.
Also, AVG and Avast! are free antiviruses, and you have two of them. Generally speaking, you don’t need more than one. If you have two or three, it offers almost NO more protection, and causes a HUGE drop in your computer’s performance. Get rid of one of them, or both if you’re willing to shell out and buy an antivirus. If you’re concerned with your computer’s speed, get NOD32, it is one of the least “intrusive” antiviruses I have seen. Also, quite frankly, even if you have an antivirus, you are still at risk provided you do things to put yourself at risk– not that you are doing that, but lets say you use limewire or something; you can still choose to unknowingly install malware on your computer. I get calls all the time from friends who are using Avast! or AVG who manage to accidentally install “Windows Antivirus 2009” (a spyware program) despite having that layer of protection.

you do not install two antiviruses on your machine
you need to uninstall both of them now
since avg free has no real time protection then consider the paid edition of avg or just install avast

I only run a scan when I am not going to use it for a few hours.

First of all you must not use two antivirus solutions together as they interfere with each other
See this : http://www.smartcomputing.com/editorial/article.asp?article=articles%2F2003%2Fs1407%2F38s07%2F38s07.asp

You can defragment the system for better performance 🙂

Scan your system with MalwareBytes & Reginout. It will help you

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