What makes Christians convert to Atheism?

This question is for those who have either grown up in a Christian family or who had accepted Jesus at one point in their lives. I want to know what made you convert?

It may be the false prophets that are on the scene.
Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
2 Corinthians 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
15 Therefore no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.
The true name is Yehowshuwa the Messiah. His father is Yehowah, the Almighty.

Probably because of many religions representations of God. I think there is too much hype, and many churches teach that there is a devil that God will hand people over to if they don’t accept Jesus. Also, there is allot of contradiction in christian theology. People just get fed-up with religious systems, and, with no better ideas about our creator to take the place of the dogma, some people just walk away because at a deep level they know that what they’ve been taught isn’t true. However, there is no such thing as an honest atheist, because if you ask any atheist, “Do you believe that there is a power that is greater than all of us?” they will answer yes. So, we all know that we come from a higher source. People just need to be educated of the fact that God is much bigger than what many religions teach. Read “Conversations with God” book one. It is a book made back in the 90’s, so it can now be found in many used book stores.

An old Christian term which other religions have now borrowed, is REVERT. A revert is a Christian who fell away from the faith but eventually came home and reverted back. You see this scenario more often than Christian to permanent Atheist.

Incidentally, many Muslims convert to Christianity once they’ve studied the Bible and see clear from whence the main source of the Quran came from. Same is true of Christians converting to Judaism but maintaining Christian belief in Jesus (Messianic Jews – Jews for Jesus).

My personal reason was that I couldn’t accept the fact they taught us that all other religions were essentially wrong and Christianity was the only way to God. This is flawed, thus imperfect so I turned away from organized religion and through study came to the conclusion that Jesus was a nice man with a nice story but not the son of God. Eventually with more study and reading I became an Atheist. There is too much proof that man has been here longer than Christianity teaches and furthermore too much proof for evolution.

Education and statements like “Whoever becomes an Atheist from Christianity was never a believer in the first place. Those who converted to Atheism gave into Satan’s lies.”

And it’s not so much a conversion as a rejection of mythos and irrationality.

I used to be a Methodist. I went to church camp and everything and I really thought that God had touched me when at church camp at those really touching sermons when everyone starts crying and goes up to the alter to accept Jesus. Then, the older I got, I started to be more logical. I was interested in science, biology, and debate, all which were very methodical and logical. After awhile I thought, “that wasn’t God at church camp, it was the cumulation of everyone’s emotions in one room!” When you see someone else crying, it makes you want to cry. Really, it is all just groupthink. I am not saying there is something out there, but I don’t think that organized religion is the answer. I think that science is the answer. Prooving things, instead of going on blind faith. I think when you die, you die. Your brain shuts down. All your soul and personality is is a manifestation of your brain thinking. But, once again, to say that something wasn’t in place to set science forward in the way it has exploded, that is a different story. For every atom to be in place perfectly to be where we are is truely amazing. But I don’t think that religion will get you any closer to the answer of what that thing actually is. Just be a good person and do unto others as you would have them do unto you and live your life for now, because nobody knows if there is another one.

I myself did not convert to Atheism, but I did convert to the Wiccan tradition. For me it was a slow evolution away from Christianity. It started with hypocricy and gaps in the bible, that my religions elders were unable to answer, I would ask preists, reverands, ministers whomever had an opinion on the bible to explain simple things like creation starting from two people, yet the bible frowns against incest (not that I am for it either), to where are the dinosaurs in the bible and how come carbon dating is proving life existing before the bible says the world began, to if God created man in his image and Adam and Eve are portrayed as modern homosapiens there what the hell were cave men? I also had a hard time having faith in a religion that would slay those who did not choose to follow its path and torture and pilage entire nations to prove their God was the one true God. Would a religion, that is pure and untainted by personal advancement kill millions in its name. Millions of innocent women were burned at the stake in the name of God. The natives were raped beaten and had their children kidnapped from their families and stuck in schools to convert them, this all seemed like true evil to me, why would a decent God allow his messangers to do that? Then you have the ones we’re supposed to trust, the messangers of God that were caught raping little boys, none of that appealed to me, none of it seemed real or pure, but nature, nature is constant and honest and that is a much nicer place for me to put my energies. I started to study nature based religion and wicca fell into my lap and we fell in love and I will never ever look back

Not exacting converting since it’s not a religion it’s more like a view point of your own.

You realize that your prayers aren’t being answered, your life is a mess, nothing goes right no matter how hard you try, the concept of God makes no sense as you become more secular and get into science and develop rational ways of learning.

Complete lack of evidence to even suggest that there’s any such thing as a god. Contradictions, provably wrong facts, and obvious made-up stories in the bible tales about your god and your jesus. No need for or evidence of any god or creator in the natural explanations we prove by facts in science about life, our planet, our solar system, and our universe.


there is no income in a hardcore christinsanity turning out to be an atheist. this is all deficit! do no longer you recognize the years of reprogramming it takes to clean each and all the cleansing soap out from probably a existence time of ideas washing? there is fairly no income on even ninety 9% of all hardcore christinsanity turning out to be atheist. the single final sheeple might commence the entire technique another time claiming they have been backslidden and would repent. Then like the gullible sheeple they’re, years of time and funds may be thrown down the rest room and we would be back at sq. one. that’s ultimate to flow away nicely sufficient on my own and enable them to consume on their own festering corpse till they consume themselves.

I ceased checking my brain at the door. Actually reading the bible (as opposed to only hearing selected stories from it) and comparing it to the scriptures of other religions and to mythology of other cultures also helped.

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