What will happen if Yahoo buys tumblr?

Will there be Ads everywhere? Them trying to get us to find our friends on yahoo?

This acquisition did not happen because Tumbler is enjoyed by the Yahoo exec’s: it happened because Tumbler has a younger user-base than Yahoo, and they are seeking new revenue streams.

Keep an eye open for fresh modifications to either Yahoo or Tumbler ToS’s, and read the Y! Privacy Policy for the gush of warm & fuzzy benefits you can expect: http://info.yahoo.com/privacy/us/yahoo/d…

This will likely follow the pattern many other popular services/softwares mergers undergo: no changes for a few months, then a slight mod to the Terms of Service (which most folks ignore) that eventually opens the floodgates to 1) selling your ‘profile’ to marketing conglomerates; and 2) amplifying the number of ads you receive directly into your un-modified browser.

I see it as some thing the finished humanity can no longer do something approximately, no rely how we hate that fact. i’m against yahoo buying tumblr too, yet its in contrast to we can do something approximately it. Tumblr’s remarkable yet at last all good web pages grow to be undesirable quicker or later at one element or yet another, have faith me i’ve got considered it take place to different good web pages, this is why i will take exhilaration in the good of tumblr as much as i will

The main reason yahoo bought tumblr was to help tumblr out, because it didn’t have enough money to keep the site running. They’ve already stated that they plan to let tumblr continue running independently, so if anything changes, it won’t be much.

Yahoo did buy tumblr. And tumblr will die.

yeah you are right Ada will be everywhere…but and me and people like us on yahoo would be on the same place where we are right now..

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