What would you do to Rosie O’Donnell?

If you had 10 minutes of alone time with Rosie O’Donnell, what would you say/do to her?

I’d tell her to get over the whole “I’m gay…Out, Loud and Proud”
stuff. I have a gay sister and she is like that. She can hardly order at McDonalds without some gay pride march having to break out. Rosie is a sad piggy. She puts her sexuality first.
She is an uncouth inbred fire plug of a woman. I would tell her to get over herself. And did you know in her contract for The View,
she has a clause about all the members of the audience get milk and cookies? Great what a thing to ask for. Sounds like something Michael Jackson would do. Rosie is a pig and needs to get over being gay.

Hey Rosie

I’m Straight
I Mate
Get Over It!!!

Hug her and ask her to go easy on the ghey bits because I do like her but the whole ghey stuff is just too much from her.

Nothing against ghey people but I want to be enterained and I don’t see heteros talking about their sexuality all the time on their TV shows.

I would slap Elisabeth and tell her to get a life.

I would hug Joy and Barbara too: it’s Elisabeth that makes my teeth grate and I really cannot stand her and her whining Republicanism fanatical right to life conservative craziness.

I honestly don’t think I would put myself in that situation!

If I was forced to be in a room with her for 10 minutes, I would placate her as I do my mother-in-law or sister-in-law or anyone else I don’t like.

I,d hang a donut just outta reach and watch her go around in circles trying to grab it.:)

I’d say: “Hello Rosie, I am satan: Welcom to hell. First, you will admit that you are in fact an alien. You are not an alien? Then I will rip your face off hahahaha!”
I’d probably say nothing. Its if she talked to me, she confronted me about something, I’d tell her fat butt to get away from me. She has no authority or power to be telling or suggesting to me about my life.

Make her the ambassador to Iran

Well what else CAN you do? Harpoon her of course!

who is she?

bag her and tag her

I’d say….”yer fired !”

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