What’s your Sun/Moon/Mars signs?

And do you act like your Sun, Moon or Mars More?

Aquarius Sun
Cancer Moon
Aquarius Mars

Yeah, i think i’m a pretty extreme person (emotionally) sometimes, but Aquarius and Cancer balance each other out.

Aquarius Sun/Scorpio Moon/Scorpio Mars

I believe due to the fact that my moon, mars, and rising sign are all pretty close to each other (between 12th and 1st houses), that I in fact act like someone who has a lot of scorpio in their charts… but really, I’m an aquarius. I only wish people saw that too… 😉

Yes I do
Sun Scorpio
Moon Leo
Mars Sagittarius

I have a Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon, and a Cancer Mars.

I act like all of these signs, especially my Sun and Moon. I think I act a little more like my Moon sign though.

Pisces Sun, Libra Moon, Cancer Mars, Gemini Rising, Aries Venus

I relate a lot to my gemini rising and aries venus.
My Pisces sun isn’t show to those around me but there are times where I just need time to myself and escape from reality 🙂

Sun Cancer
Moon Aquarius
Mars Taurus

I act more like my sun sign, but i would say im well balanced. (Not too emotional, not too detached, not too stubborn).

Sun Sagittarius
Moon Capricorn
Mars Sagittarius

I act more like my Sun.

sagittarius sun aries moon aquarius mars

if your a women you will be like your moon due to moon is the emotional state and we are emotional

My sun but with a strong moon influence… hmm…

When I look at some power rank percentage it says
1. Capricorn
2. Aquarius
3. Leo
4. Pisces
5. Cancer
6. Taurus
and well, those signs are most like me… but I wouldn’t put them in that order. 😛

Cancer Sun
Vrigo Moon
Virogo Mars

I act most like my sun sign

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