Who is a good historical figure to do a project on for school grade 8.?

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Your history book is filled with interesting people you might like to learn more about. What time period are you supposed to focus on? Is the person supposed to be part of the political, scientific, artistic or military movement?

If you’re interested in architecture you might choose Frank Lloyd Wright. If you’re interested in flight you might select the Wright brothers or any of the NASA scientists and astronauts.

How about industrialists like Andrew Carnegie, Francis Cabot Lowell, Eli Whitney, Commodore Vanderbilt or Johann August Sutter?

If you’re interested in writers consider Robert Frost, Shel Silverstein, Emily Dickinson or Edgar Allen Poe. Famous scientists you might want to learn more about could include Alexander Graham Bell, George Eastman and Thomas Edison. Interesting artists are Ansel Adams and Norman Rockwell.

Do you like learning about explorers? If so you might consider Lewis and Clark.

Those are just a few ideas for you to consider. Ask your teacher about these suggestions.

Remember that the objective is for you to actually LEARN about someone who is interesting to you. Find out what made them successful and then see how you can adopt some of their qualities so that you will be successful too.

Do your best!

Jane Addams – founded Hull House in Chicago and won Nobel Peace Prize in 1931

Susan B. Anthony – she was the leader in the Women’s Rights Movement and founded the Nat’l Womens Suffrage Organization

Stephen Austin – Colonized three hundred American families in Mexican-owned Texas, establishing the first authorized American settlement there.

Clara Barton – A nurse in the Civil War and founded the American Red Cross

Alexander Graham Bell – Invented the telephone in 1876

John Hancock – Was president of the Second Continental Congress and first to sign the Declaration of Independence

Patrick Henry – Served in the Virginia House of Burgesses; said, “Give me libery or give me death.”

What are you curious about? Arts and crafts, animals, vegetation, nutrition, technology, song? i do no longer comprehend what form of timeframe you’re conversing approximately right here, yet I grew something for my 8th grade undertaking. i began out with seeds (your decision) and chronicled the advance until it matured. My undertaking substitute right into a pepper plant. straight forward to advance and take care of.

Benito Mussolini.

Betsy Rose or The Apollo 11 team!

since its 8th grade that means U.S. History right. I would recommend either George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, King George Benjamin Franklin…

Mahatma Gandhi….a unique one”truth and non-violence”which is somethin missin in the world today…

Might be good to choose someone that you have a particular interest in too as this might make it more enjoyable :O)

Adolf Hitler.

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