97 Grand Prix GTP power windows wont work?

Hi, i just bought a 97 grand prix gtp the power windows do not work at all on both sides..neither of The buttons work driver and passenger side.i checked the fuse box on the passenger side and found the fuse it looked to be ok the radio,sunroof and power locks work but the power windows do not.I dont know if the…

Well, if it is electrical, you need to check it has current going to it, so battery, cables, connections, relays, fuses, motors, switches and the earthing (grounding, to you in the USA). Since it has dead windows both sides, it is likely the relay or the cables to the switches.

Might be the window motors. Those go bad often it seems! If you live in a cold state to; they sometimes do not work in cold weather. [happens a lot in my grand prix gtp to!] go to your mechanic and see what happend. Your mechanic will tell you the cost to fix & whats wrong.

First, check your switches to assure that they are working properly. You’ll need to remove your door panels to check the switches. Make sure the connections are properly attached and not corroded. Next, check your window regulators. The regulators are the mechanical linkage that raises and lowers the windows. Sometimes these get old or rusty and begin to bind. This can overload the motors and cause damage to them or even cause them to burn out.

Check your window relay.

If your buttons light up, neither windows are working, and nothing happens, its most likely the window relay.

Check the wires from the door to the body, from flexing some times they break.hope this helps .Good luck.Check both doors for broken wires.

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