Could somebody suggest a dog breed for us? (family details inside)?

We’re an average family, my son is 7, my daughter is 5 and my toddler is 2. I’m a stay at home mom, my husband works 8 hours, and our house has a fair amount of space, not huge, but enough to hold a few more memebers.

We don’t mind the size or hair, but I’d like a kid friendly dog with patience,…

Definitely Labrador Retriever!!! I have two and they are the best dogs ever, they are very patient and they go along great with other pets!

I would go for the most people friendly, lovable and affectionate dog there is. An American Pit Bull Terrier. Mine is 55 lbs, so not too big. Short hair so does not take a lot of grooming. When they get past the puppy stage they are pretty laid back. But like all puppies are pretty hyper. A Beagle is a great dog if you want a smaller dog, around 25 lbs. Short hair so not a grooming problem Mine is a clown and always doing something funny. He gets on my bed and takes a nap under or between the pillows.

The most ideal thing for your children and the dog is to wait until they’re older. But if you think you can handle the immense amount of responsibility of having both children and dogs, your best bet is an older dog from the shelter. Puppies are easily hurt by children. Puppies also teethe and jump on children. A dog older than 3 is advisable, and it must be a large breed (like a lab or APBT mix). Plus, adopting from the shelter is saving a life!

EDIT: Labradoodles are mutts. They’re not a breed. From what I’ve seen of them, they’re not sightly dogs and they’re typically not easily trained (mostly because the people that go out and buy these BYB products don’t bother with training). Oh, and most of them DO shed.

Well I am a pekingese breeder,and I love my dogs.I have five of my own and I raise all the babies in my home.If you like small dogs then a pekingese makes a great family pet,they are very loving and they are playful,if you get them when they are about 8 weeks old and they can grow with your family. They live to be about 12 or 16 years and they are so easy to train and very very smart.Good Luck!!!

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Best of Luck

BAM! Perfect dog for you: Yellow Labrador Retriever. Why? Here’s why…
1) Medium, perfect size.
2) Friendly, not aggressive.
3) Easy-going.
4) Food motivated and SUPER easy to train.
5) Great family dog.

I work for a dog trainer and know from experience (and from owning a lab myself) that they are truly wonderful dogs. As long as you train them starting right away!

BOSTON TERRIER!! They are very intelligent dogs,short hair(low maintenance grooming),very much people dogs,they aren’t outside dogs(like to keep them out there all day) they don’t do well in too cold or too warm of weather outside. They are amazing dogs and just love people. I have one and he’s my first dog to be solely responsible for and my husband and I trained him very easily. They are energetic and fun dogs. Wonderful family dogs

Golden Retrievers are the perfect family pet. They are great with children. We have 2 golden retrievers and 1 himalayan cat.

how much exercize do you want to do daily? Does your family generally spend a lot of time outdoors playing? Or do you tend to stay inside more?

How much grooming? You dont mind hair, but do you want to deal with daily brushing? Or something thats a little less maintenence?

You could just go down to the local shelter and pick a dog out together as a family. Retriver mixes and spaniel mixes tend to make good pets. Hound mixes are good too, but hounds tend to be abit more stubborn.

Labrador Retriever. The Lab has the reputation of being one of the most sweet-natured breeds. He’s outgoing, eager to please, and friendly with both people and other animals. Aside from a winning personality, he has the intelligence and eagerness to please that make him easy to train.

Here’s more info on this breed.…

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