Does this prove Obama will say anything to win?

Now he’s for NAFTA?…

No dear. But I wouldn’t trust McCain as far as I can see him. There isn’t one issue McCain stands on. Flip flop, flip flop, flip flop that’s McCain

It does coach that the Nobel committee are insane. Affirmative action president receives affirmative token black awarding of a prize he no way merits. The peace prize has been a comic book tale seeing that those squareheads gave it to Yasar Arafat

In a way, yes. He admits he is guilty of campaign rhetoric like any politician.

He is not for NAFTA as written. If you ever listened to him on this subject and read his website, you would know that what he is saying now is what he’s always believed. It needs to be renegotiated as well as CAFTA.

“A wise man is not afraid to change his mind” -Chinese proverb

Hey, give Mr. Perfect credit, at least in the third paragraph he admits he’s just another lying politician! Oh, yeah, Mr. Change WILL say anything to win – he has to, otherwise how can he get elected and, if he can’t get elected, how is going to help us? The logic is tight – IF you’re a lying politician anyway.

Flippety-flopping like a bass on a boat.

Of course, his initial position was simply untenable, so this is progress. But why vote for someone who would take such positions in the first place?

That’s how democratics win elections. They confuse the hell out of everyone and somehow manage to get elected. It is our job to see past their facade. Vote McCain!

who doesn’t say any thing to win? i’m guessing mccain is the moral compass every “honest” person looks up to, right?

Do the same thing on sooo many issues for McWar.
Talk about desperation to be elected!

“This” finally proves it? What about all of the other pandering and flip-flopping on issues? This stuff is all over mainstream media outlets and ranges from gun control and abortion to Iraq.

He’s been willing to say anything since he announced his candidacy and… he has said everything and anything.

Didn’t we already know that Obama (and Hillary, Al, Bill, etc) would say anything to win? They lie to our faces and think we’re stupid enough to believe them. As people, I would feel insulted.

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