John “Bradshaw vs John Cena vs Batista?

1# Contender Spot to Face Cm Punk at Great American Bash

On Raw Tonight John “Bradshaw vs John Cena vs Batista=John Cena Wins

John “Bradshaw vs John Cena vs Batista This will Happen Tonight I Hope

No it’s better it is now a fatal 4 way Kane vs. Batista vs. Cena vs. JBL

They just made it Kane vs Batista vs John Cena vs JBL
i hope Kane wins.

cena overcomes the odds then batista vs jbl will happen and I wonder who will win this one. cough the babface will overcome the odds and the heel will lose for the millionth time.
Oh well Cena don’t deserve to be a 4 time wwe champ but Punk doesn’t even deserve to be a world champ so I’m pulling for cena for the first time ever

Your incorrect, it became Wrestlemania 22 in 2006 and he confronted Triple H there for the WWE identify, no longer JBL. He confronted JBL in 2005 at Wrestlemania 21 while he first gained the WWE identify. yet i’m guessing in actuality that come ‘Mania 27 he will have competed in 7 international identify fits at Wrestlemania in a row? Its no longer extraordinary, that’s WWE shoving Cena too a ways down our throats, yet he’s the standard face of the business corporation so it may be greater “greater extraordinary” no longer having him struggling with for a identify at Wrestlemania.

vs Kane

John cena will win

They should’ve made it all 5 at the Bash in a cage match.

It should be a Fatal 4 Way

yup RAW is Animal House, I love it, no authority it’s great. I may start to prefer RAW over the other brands TNA included.

batista has won the match. he deserved it and he speared kane to pick up the win………….

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