Scion TC 07 vs Honda Civic Coupe EX 07 (Both Automatic)?

Looking to buy by the end of the month… Which one is better for the price?

I can’t really tell you anything about the Scion except I hear it is a good car but I love my Civic EX (mines manual). Mine actually happens to be a 96 but despite being 11 yrs old it still runs great with over 120,000 miles. I haven’t even had to replace the clutch yet. And yes, the gas mileage is great I put in about $20-25 of gas every two weeks. The V-Tec engine can be fun too. And I can sell it for a much better price than other similar cars at that age. Have fun with whatever you choose.

Scion Tc Vs Honda Civic

I own an 05 Civic Ex and it’s a great commuting car. But I’m buying the tC in a few weeks becuase it’s so much better. The engine is peppier, the ride is smoother and it looks 1500x better!!! The tC would run circles around my civic and thats another main reason I’m getting it. It’s a consumer guide best buy and a chick magnet lol. 🙂 I love Honda but Scion seems to offer just a ittle more reliability and tons more options for customization. I’ve test driven both manual and auto tC’s and my only concern with both is the suspension and the body roll. Nothing big at all though. Get the sway bar and your problem is solved… I would go for the tC, both are great cars, but the tC is the better choice for the money. Anything else you want to know??

**I think the stock system in the tC is increadible!!! It’s so loud and my civic stock system SUCKS!!!! I hate it hate it hate it. No volume and the speakers suck just as bad. Obviously stock systems aren’t meant to be nice but the stock tC would kill almost any other stock system in a car that cost $18,000. The horsepower thing also, the civic takes a long time to wind up and doens’t give the pwoer that I think it should. It revs really loud and really fast but delivers no punch, the tC is quiter and for an inline 4, packs quite a punch!!! 🙂

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Scion TC 07 vs Honda Civic Coupe EX 07 (Both Automatic)?
Looking to buy by the end of the month… Which one is better for the price?

Scion Tc vs Honda Civic…Hmmm. Well I looked at both when I was car shopping about 8 months ago. I thought both cars have strengths over the other. Where Im at the Honda would have cost me another $3500 but all Honda’s are know for lasting forever. Plus the MPG is better in the Honda. Scion on the other hand, the cost of the car is straight up, NO BS with the pricing. The Tc has the Camery motor in it so you know that you can relay on it. And when I test drove them both the Tc seemed to have more pick-up and looked alot sexier.

I ended up with the TC, I still get 31-27 MPG. I love my Tc and if your worried about how it does in the snow, don’t its great in the snow.

The choice is yours. I would only suggest go and drive them both and do your reseach.

07 Honda Civic Coupe

A Scion TC is 100% better than a Honda Civic.

Hondas are great, but they are generally more expensive and harder to repair…meaning it costs more for replacement parts. Also, when I bought my ’07 tC recently, the dealer told me some facts that pushed me in that direction: an average Toyota motor (Scion) will last about 250,000 miles. My car gets 31 miles to the gallon (pretty good). The resale value is amazing. I want to say that they are not a common as Hondas, but recently I see Scions everywhere…still probably not as much as Hondas. Also, the standard options a Scion comes with is unbeleivable!! My car was a base model and it has power everything, moon roof, x-tra car mats, MP3 player adaptor, ect… Scions are meant for people that want to be trendy, yet unique and different. You decide!!

i would get a Scion TC. I’ve had that same problem but i came to realize that the Scion TC has 160hp vs 140hp(civic). The Scion tC actually looks cooler, has a better interior and its easier to tweak if ur trying to make it faster. Add a Turbo or a Supercharger and u will get up to 200hp if not more!

They’re both great cars, I think the Scion is probably a better deal. Ryan refers to the Honda as a “ricer” – he’s apparently unaware that Scions are Toyotas – just as much of a “ricer” as the Honda.

Consider a stick though, unless you drive in traffic a lot. It makes a big difference in 4 cylinder cars, they perform much better with a manual.

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