Spiritually Speaking, what other lies do you tell yourself so you can make it through the day?

Today, I really will work on writing that book.

I do not tell myself lies to make it through the day. But if I feel I am getting down a bit or discouraged or workload is too pressing,I try to remember my thankfulness and the love of people , the love of God and I look at the sun, and the grass, and birds flying.Then I remember I have electricity to turn on, and an air-conditioned room, and so many things to be grateful for, like running water to take a bath when I get home. All these things come into focus especially where I am from in southern USA where I had to rebuid my home twice. It raises your gratitude levels, especially after you lost thes things for a while.

That when I wake up in the morning, the last 8 years will have just been a very strange dream.

That tomorrow my boss will give me the raise I deserve

There is someone in the world that loves me.

Okay…now I am totally bummed. Thats Rev!

That I will answer just one more question and then do the things I need to do. Sigh…. look at all those things I never get to, but Ive reached level 6 and Im a top contributor, yeah.

That I’m not a boring cow who only wants to talk about religion and politics.

That people like me.

That I won’t fail my History exam.

That my prom dress isn’t an ugly piece of trash that makes me look boob-less and fat.

The lies prevent me from making it, the truth drags me through.
That and the carrot, the one dangling right in front of me. One day I will get that carrot, just gotta keep pulling, keep pulling.

I gave that up a long time ago Rev.
I found that eventually you just have to face it all and get through it.
Once you come through the other side you’ll wonder why you didn’t just do that in the first place.
Been there, done that.

We all tell ourselves lies to get through the day. Sometimes I catch myself doing this to myself and it is not always easy to navigate through all of the conditioning that inhibits our judgments. In the end, though, a persons truth is what one believes and ultimate truth might never be ours to claim for ourselves.

It’s not THAT bad

It’ll be ok

If I can just make it through today……

Maybe next week will be better

It can’t ALWAYS be like this

Maybe my headache will go away if I can just take enough pills

Maybe I’ll only have five meetings today

That Magicals really do happen.
No, I meant to say Miracles! Yeah, that’s the ticket.

That my daughter will not have a “major meltdown” (she’s bipolar) and I won’t have to fix the problem.

That @#$%& (guy in the office) will not come to work today and hassle me.

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