Who could Sarah Palin pick as her VP running mate that could gain her enough votes to beat Obama in 2012?

Sarah Palin could want a vp who can run the rustic on his own in the historic past each and each of the collectively as having a figurehead puppet president who can pretend to run the rustic. Dick Cheney or Carl Rove could be a good candidate.

Victoria Jackson

Greyoceans: What makes you think either of them would want to be within 10 miles of sarah palin? haha.

Sarah Palin is taken about as seriously as Snooki.

@Muinghan – Yes, Snooki or Charlie Sheen 🙂

Jesus of Nazareth or maybe zombie Mother Teresa.

If any Republican has a chance against Obama in 2012 it isn’t Palin.

She would need Jesus to run with her and still I don’t think that would get her over. I would hope that the Republicans would run someone who can win this time.

Damnit, Cheyenne !
I was gonna say Snooki for a running mate.

It doesn’t matter who she picks. She has no chance of beating him at all. She’s way too intellectually shallow and has even less experience than him

Any of the top Republicans.
Sarah Palin could beat Obama by herself!

Jesus himself couldn’t save her.

She has a disapproval rating of 61% in Alaska…

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