Why don’t more people speak out about minority men (black) spreading HIV/AIDS in our community?

See it’s questions like this that prove you cannot be black. Even if you didn’t want to date black men, you would still have black male loved ones. Do you have no father, brothers, cousins, uncles, grandfathers, nephews or just male friends? No sane black woman would try so hard to hurt all black men and boys like you do.

For you to use this disease as your latest weapon to bludgeon black men with is grotesque and pure evil.

A lot of us wouldn’t be alive without modern advances in vaccination, but credit should go to folks like Jonas Salk and the other immunologists who find the answers, not the government bureau that certifies the results. HIV hit the gay population first. It’s entirely possible that there are more gay men with HIV/AIDS. BUT: “FASTER THAN ANY OTHER MINORITY?” Let’s look at that statement. Gay people CONTAIN “other minorities.” That rainbow has more than one meaning, and one is that every racial group is represented within the GLBT family. Do you want to start figuring out what percentage of those minorities overlap? Be a pretty interesting Venn diagram, but the significant issue is, it’s a horrible disease, ANYONE can catch it, and .. what’s your point, anyway? Last I heard, the fastest-GROWING segment of the population was heterosexual — guys on the “down low” having sex with men while pretending they’re 100% het and not bothering to warn their wives and girlfriends that they’re putting them in peril of their lives.

Listen up you stupid *****!!!
Don’t come on here on yahoo talking **** you ain’t know OK!!
Not only blacks but other men spread HIV/Aids too, And like I said if you have something to say to black people come up to our faces and stop being a punk A$$ *****!!!

They would be called racist and intolerant and that scares some people to death.

Watch the film “And the band played on” to see how ridiculous the spreading of AIDS issue can get.

Anyone, regardless of their color, who engages in a reckless sexual lifestyle should be called to account for what they do.

because AIDS happens every where. much more in Africa because they cant get decent health care. people are dying all over the world and you are worried about a Black man coming up to you and giving you AIDS? this question doesnt even make sense.

We can’t afford to place blame on each other. We need to speak out about why as women we don’t take our lives into our own hands and stop relying on men to protect us and then blame them for our bad decisions. Nobody is forcing anyone to have unprotected sex. That’s a choice. Why is the man the only one to blame?

I agree with Taja R!

But for real, I think it’s real stupid of you to play about something so serious. Lives are lost by this disease and Black men shouldn’t be the prime target for this. It affects all walks of life! You should really be ashamed on yourself about this one, this isn’t even funny.

They do. But a lot of people think it either doesn’t exist or they believe they are invincible. So black men and black women suffer.

I agree with Ramman!

Same reason why more people don’t speak out about these commercials that shows WHITE WOMEN AND MEN who says it okay to have sex when they take some medicine that doesn’t show that they have herpes. You know the commercials.

is white men did not create it to be such a global issue. next time use a condom ok white gal.
edit: lol “texas made”. sooo true.

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