How can Obama call limiting our nuclear arms with the threat of North Korea and Iran, progress?

Won’t this put us in a similar cold war mentality and arms race if North Korea or Iran ends up threatening us with nuclear missiles? Won’t we have to play catch up if threatened?

Does, Jimmy the cricket Carter, ring a bell?

What are you talking about, clinton and carter? That’s not where the DPRK got the tech. It also isn’t nearly as high tech to build a nuclear bomb as people think. If I had a uranium mine and some centrifuges, I could build one too. Plutonium bombs are harder to build, but all you need is an explosives expert to create an even pressure around the plutonium as it asplodes, so that it doesn”t rip apart the critical mass too soon. I consider nuclear-armed Israel a graver threat than nuclear North Korea. The DPRK has gone over 50 years without starting a war and it has no reason to do it now. I bet most of you are too young to remember the cold war. Brinkmanship is a fine art and the DPRK is just following in other footsteps, showing off its little 4 kiloton device, which it can’t put on an ICBM anyway, so relax. Israel is more likely to use a nuke because its enemies don’t have nukes to fire back, that’s why it’s more dangerous. The North Korean nukes are also nowhere near the destructive power of the rest of its army, including all the heavy artillery pointed at Seoul which could level the city. Over 1,000 big guns that could exceed the total power of all their nukes within a day. <> you really wanna be scared, people, be scared… you must miss when the government told you to be scared. You can’t put a crude plutonium bomb on an ICBM. You need tritium to do it and the DPRK doesn’t have it. The worst that could happen is it could get dropped on South Korea, in which case, as I said, nothing compared to the artillery pointed at Seoul right now, and has been for decades, which I bet you weren’t so scared about. The only reason Obama called it a “grave threat” is so he wouldn’t look soft to everyone who wants to be scared.

We have enough nuclear weapons in the USA to destroy the whole world. I wouldn’t worry much about North Korea or Iran.

Russia also has enough to destroy the world so both sides cutting back is not going to make much difference. This is a show, so both the USA and Russia can look good and make North Korea and Iran look like they are the evil ones.

The more we look good and they look bad it will be easier to get support for sanctions from other countries.

No one really wants a nuclear war and the USA and Russia are not going to cut back enough to really make that much of a difference.

You realize the US and Russia control 90% of the nuclear arms in the world, right? A small reduction won’t impede our ability to defend ourselves. It also won’t have any negative impact on attempts to curtail N Korea or Iran.

Why did the Right hail Reagan for his 1980s arms reductions?

You are truly, truly uneducated as hell. You dont understand anything going on in the world right now and you dont understand our nuclear arsenal. Just be quiet because you are just making yourself look really, really stupid. Get educated and maybe in a few years when you arent a complete retard, we can talk.

We have enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world over and over, even though it only takes once. Thank God no one will ever be asking your advice. Stick to what your good at, sounding ridiculous.

To make a deal with Russia is to make a deal with the Devil, Obama is being very naive.
Winston Churchill, knew that over 60 years ago, and there is no way Churchill would have trusted KGB Putin.

Us play “catch up?” lol thats a good one! First someone would have to come close to catching us! Paranoia like yours is the mentality that fueled the cold war arms race.

Im sure the US and its allies have more then enough nuclear arms to cause complete disaster to any country that threatens us even if we cut down our nuclear arms.

“Won’t we have to play catch up if threatened?”

We’ve been playing this game for more than half a century. We could get rid of 99% of our arsenal and we would still have more nukes than N.Korea. Iran doesn’t even have one.

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