I am having problems with my 11 week old german shepherd puppy Roxy. We have had her since she was 5 weeks?

And for the first 3 weeks we were taking her out every hour to pee and we were crate training her. We were gone pretty much all day but she would hold it in. she did really good and hardly had accidents in the house at all. but for the last 2 weeks she started peeing in her crate. we’ve got the crate closed…

4 to 5 hours is about right for an 11 eweek old puppy. Chances are that she is going through some major growth spurts that are causing her bladder to develope at an allarming rait. This is causing her to have less controle. Continue being patient with her, and try to get her out every 2 hours. Unfortunately, you need to do this even if it means getting a pet sitter during the day to make a stop in addition to you taking a chance to go home from work.
Females are also more prone to Urinary Tract Infections, especially through the growth spurts. You may want to have her urine looked at to rule that out. They can have a mild one that does not have the odor or the blood.
As for crate space, you did the right thing as long as she has room to stretch out while sleeping, stand, turn, etc.
Another thing to consider is her water supply. How many chemicals are in it? And does she have access to water in the crate. She is in there for such a short time, it is not cruel to leave her with none. Just make sure she has ready access outside when she goes out to do her business. And if she does drink before going back in the crate, try to wait at least 10 minutes of no playtime to let her do her business.
Good luck, and have her urine checked. Sounds like you are doing the right things, so it may be a UTI.

I had a similar problem with my Boxer puppy. Every time I would put her in the crate, she would have diarrhea everywhere. I eventually abandoned the crate training because she clearly wasn’t getting the concept, and like you, I was having to bathe her and clean the crate constantly.

After we stopped crate training, I just house broke her the old fashioned way: Loads of trips outside. As for the sleeping situation, she slept in the bed with me and when we left the house, we just make sure there was nothing bad she could chew on and let her roam around in one particular room.

Sometimes crating training just doesn’t work. I was at a loss of what to do when my Boxer wasn’t responding. Everywhere I read that dogs just will not poop and pee where they sleep, but she did, like your Roxy.

Good luck, I hope you figure out the best way to handle her.

I was once feeding my dog IAMS, and my vet and teacher mentioned that it is stuffed with fillers. Look at NaturalLife at Petco. When your watching at puppy meals, seem on the parts and notice what they’re. If any of the primary five parts are fillers, move. You are very nearly deciding to buy cornmeal whilst you get meals like that. When feeding a tender dog (I obtained mine at five weeks) placed a few hot water in there meals. Not ample to utterly soak the meals, however simply ample to make it wet. Feed three foods an afternoon, similar to infants they have to devour extra probably.

i agree w/ the 2nd and 4 th person but i odnt think its to long cuz right now im having to leave my 2 kittens and the mama in a crate cuz they are scratching up our furnitare but you should probably try and take her to the vet to make sure she doesnt have an infection
hope this helps!
Good Luck!!

I’d suggest that you take her to your vet and make sure she’s not suffering from a urinary tract infection(UTI). UTI’s can sometimes occur if a dog holds it in over long periods of time. After that, then you can work on re-training her.

that is too long to expect a puppy to hold it’s urine.she may have contracted a urinary track infection.can someone come home at lunch to let her out to potty? or maybe a neighbor or trusted friend can.also she was taken from her mother too son so she is probably still a bit insecure.

u shudnt b leaving her for more than 1-3 hours anyway she is still a pupps and cant hold it in that well u done deserve a dog if all u do is leave it locked up on its own

Crate training hardly every works, to really train her at an early age, you have to be stern and mean (only a bit) when she pees on the carpet taie her by the collar, and say NO ROXY< BAD DOG! pretty loud. if you do that every time she will eventually stop!

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