What are your 4 favourite boys names and 4 favourite girls names?

Mine are:

Girls: Lia, Ella, Taylor and Jess
Boys: Tyler, Dylan, Jasper and Aaron

Girls: Hailey, Aimee, Penelope and Jillian.
Boys: Reid, Peter, Neil and Jack

With middles and nicknames (though a few I’m unsure on)
Girls: Hailey Margaret, Aimee Caroline, Penelope Rose “Elle”, and Jillian Jean “JJ”
Boys: Reid Matthew, Peter Alexander, Neil Richard and Jack Aaron

I like Lia and Ella of your girls. I like Taylor on a boy more, but I am really falling for it on a girl too. Jess seems more of a nickname, for say Jessamine or Jessa, but it’s cute.

I love all your boy names…so handsome! I think Jasper and Aaron are my favorites. Aaron I want to use but I have a cousin named it, and two girl cousins Erin (similar to Aaron), so I think I’m stuck with it as a middle name. Jasper is so handsome, but my sister named her cat that. So I’m outta luck there too.


Patrick James
Matthew Allen
William Fredrick
Zachary Thomas

Margaret Lucille
Alexandra Louise
Genevieve Erin
Coraline Joanna

Girls: Abigail, Scarlett, Norah, Sophia
Boys: Alexander, Spencer, Logan, Aaron

Alia, Adalyn, Aiyana, Alice
Samuel, Uriah, Greyson, Logan

Isabella, Charlotte, Victoria, Allison

Elijah, Emmett, Gabriel, Grayson

Girl names: Eva, Giselle, Bristol, Astrella
Boy names: Corrigan, August, Finn, Beckett

Girls- Tess, Delilah(Lila), Jolie, Demmi
Boys- Jesse, Gabriel (Gabe), Thomas, Nathan (Nate)

–Caroline Soleil
–Lila Gisele
–Sophia Audrey
–Ava Katherine

–Jack Finley
–Heath Isaac
–Lucas Brennan
–Ian James

Ava, Charlotte [Charli], Isabelle, Olivia…oh, there’s so many but they are my favourites today 🙂
For boys Christopher, Hayden, William and Kai.

Cecelia, Geneveive, Norah, and Kendall
Isaiah, Patrick, Austin, Joshua 🙂

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