Hypothetically is there any way for congress to impeach bush and Cheney at the same time?

Theoretically yes–though I would not think it was a good idea. Pelosi is 3rd in line–she’d have to recuse herself–and though she seems to be shaping up to be a good Speaker, I don’t think she’d be right as president.

Personal choice: impeach Cheney–and convict him (not too hard to figure out where to look for real evidence of “high crimes and misdemeanors”

Wait for a new VP to be confirmed.

Then tell Bush to quit acting like a spoiled brat or he’s next. I think even Bush can grasp that much.

Yes, they could. There is no restriction on congress as to who they can impeach, so it is possible that they could impeach Bush and Cheney at one time. However, if such a move was done, then the political response would be for Cheney to resign, and someone like Lieberman to be appointed. the choice of Lieberman would screw around with the politics just enough to get him installed as VP, thus preventing the Speaker of the House, Polosi, from becoming the next President.

To be on record, the Democrats don’t have enough votes in the Senate to pull this off. Remember – it takes 2/3 majority for an impeachment to pass. The Democrats currently do not have that super-majority.

EDIT – To clarify some of the statements made above, Congress decides, in the case of impeachment, what constitutes “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”, not the Courts or existing law. In theory, the Congress can impeach the President for no legal violation, such as wearing mis-matched socks with his suit. This was written this way so that if the President did something that was so horrible to merit impeachment, but was not against the law, the hands of Congress would not be tied.

Yes, it would be easy to impeach them one after the other in the house. However, it will be impossible to remove them from office, because, in order to do so, you need a 2/3 majority in the senate, a majority the democrats in the Senate do not have. I am a Democrat and I think that it would be a waste of time trying to impeachment Bush and Dick. I think they should be impeached, but I also do not believe in pursuing something that cannot be done.

Bearing in mind that impeachment does not necessarily imply removal or criminal justice, it would still be the proverbial crap shoot. It would require charges being considered for both at the same time, and it would require participation of Senators, some of whom might not want impeachment to take place, and some of whom might have concerns about their own complicity becoming an issue.

Why would they be impeached in the first place?

congress could do it, but it would take too long, they`d be out of office before the actual vote came to passs. the next one to assume the throne would be nancy pelosi— are you kidding? shes worse than bush by a long shot.

Hypothetically, yes. President Pelosi, has a nice ring to it.

That would be a disaster leaving Nancy Pelosi in charge. This is a woman who should be charged with treason, That is, giving aid and comfort to the enemy (Syria).

No reason to.
What would be nice would be if we could impeach the Democrats in Congress for Treason.

Another childish question. N O NO NO. Nothing was done by either that would merit such silliness.


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