Kindergarden caters to what age children?

Kindergarden caters to what age children?

here in NY you can enter kindergarden if you will turn 5 by december 14th. Anything after that you have to wait till the following year.

So at time you will have 4 year olds about to turn 5 and sometimes you will have 5 year olds about to turn 6.

Some kids go to pre-K Before Kindergarden Which would be 3 and 4 year olds.


When they start they are 5 when they leave they should be 6 or about to turn 6.

Ages 5 to 6. The age your child enrolls depends on the date of their birth. In my state at least they need to be 5 before September 1 of the year they enroll. If their 5th birthday is after that date, then they need to wait until the following year to begin kindergarten.

Most of the times it is 5 year olds.

In my area, a child can enter kindergarten in September 2009 if they turn five before January 1, 2010. So you’ll have late-year kids just turning five, while the early year kids will be turning 6.

5 year olds

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