Native American Rights in Canada Much Different in the US?

So riddle me this. Why is it that Native American’s do not have the same rights as everyone else living in Canada? Years ago there was a war, started by British and they conquered the Natives. According to a Wikipedia entry just to support my point there has been no country that has not at one point been ruled…

In Canada and the United States the governmental policies are the same. In both countries the Native Americans were “never conquered” and they still own much of the land. Once the immigrating population was so large, the thought was they owned any land they set foot on. WRONG. . . . that’s why land settlements and treaties are still being made today. According to the Mining Industry, Canada only owns 12% of the land. It was not your grandfathers, it is YOU who have “stolen” First Nations lands.

Canada recognizes that First Nations own the land. That is why there are treaties. The treaties define the PAYMENT for acquiring lands by England/Canada. MONETARY SETTLEMENTS were made, and that money is “Held In Trust” by Canada. Canada holds First Nations LANDS “In Trust” and collects royalties from RESOURCES on First Nations lands which Canada also holds “In Trust”.

Canada dictates the expenditures of that money on a per-capita and formula basis and provides the First Nations with the guidelines and the audit procedures on how they can use that money.

The United States has the same “Held In Trust” system.

Indian Moneys Program
Indian Moneys means all moneys collected, received or held by Her Majesty for the use and benefit of Indians and/or bands. There are two types of Indian moneys: capital and revenue.

The Indian Moneys program is responsible for the administration of Indian moneys held within the CRF for the use and benefit of Indians and/or bands.…

Band Moneys
In some cases, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) has specific responsibilities for managing moneys that belong to First Nations bands. These moneys are generated through band-owned resources such as oil and gas.…

First Nations pay for ALL their own programs and services from the money “Held In Trust” by Canada. It is NOT TAXPAYER MONEY!!! Those programs and services are NOT FREE, they are contracted as a PURCHASE OF SERVICE.

TAXES pay for Canadian programs and services. First Nations don’t pay the taxes that provide programs and services to other Canadians. If a First Nations member lives or works off the First Nation they are taxed in the same manner as every other Canadian. None of those taxes benefit the First Nations communities even if the worker lives on a First Nation.

Since First Nations don’t pay for Non-Native programs and services, if their students attend “public schools” they have to pay “tuition”. First Nations pay for all education out of their allocated budgets and at a higher cost than other Canadians.

Here is an example: My reserve has no secondary school. Tuition to the public secondary school is “more than” $8,000/student, plus other fees and transportation.

If 20 grade 8 graduates attend the high school
20 students X $8,000 = $160,000/year
If each year we have 4 grades of 20 students
4X $160,000 = $640,000 (tuition for 1 year, plus fees and transportation)

For any special need student the tuition is 3 times the student tuition. This example is a conservative estimate of what my reserve pays each year “just for secondary school tuition”.

YOU are the one who is being subsidized. Your individual taxes don’t even cover the costs of the programs and services available to you.

How much tuition do Non-Natives pay? “$0” How much do Non-Natives pay for school bus transportation? “$0” How much do you pay for health care? “$0”

Health Care for First Nations is paid out of their “Trust Funds” as a provincial TRANSFER PAYMENT whether they have access to health care or not. In fact, First Nations DO NOT have (as you say) the same ability to use the exact same health care as everyone else. That’s what the Chiefs are fighting for “the same” health care as every other Canadian resident.

You can read about the type of health care Native Americans get in my answer to this question.…

In Canada and the United States much of the Native American “Money Held in Trust” has been stolen. In the United States 2 class action lawsuits were undertaken to hold the government accountable for the money “Held In Trust”. In Canada the lawsuits are undertaken by individual First Nations. Both countries thought they would never be held accountable. “but those days are gone”.

The Interior Department’s Bureau of Indian Affairs is responsible for managing financial agreements with tribes and tribal members on reservations. The Bureau of Indian Affairs collects more than $300 million annually from agricultural and oil leases, mining and water rights, rights-of-way and timber sales on Indian lands held in trust.

The “Individual Indian Monies (IIM) program” holds this money IN TRUST on behalf of INDIVIDUAL Native Americans. An audit of the “Individual Indians Monies” program revealed “BILLIONS” of dollars are missing or otherwise unaccounted for.

Native American Trust Fund: Massive Mismanagement

In addition to IIM are some 3000 “Tribal Trust Accounts”, which includes per capita annual payments, compensation for rights-of-way and court settlements. As with IIM, however, waste, fraud and abuse are rampant.

2008 – Nez Perce v. Kempthorne (2nd huge suit filed over use of Indian money)

NARF represents forty-two plaintiffs – in an action in the federal district court for the District of Columbia seeking full and complete accountings of their trust funds, from the federal government which is the trustee for the funds.

First Nations are sovereign Nations. Canada declared First Nations citizens in the 1960s. First Nations did not ask to become citizens. Citizenship was imposed on them. The laws were changed to make it legal for First Nation members to leave the reserves and they were made citizens, so those that left the reserves could be taxed.

Are Native Americans are NOT FULL CITIZENS of the USA? What’s their status in Canada?;_ylt=AtJYZogGNw5rXHdbMDCvep_ty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091208081037AAtNG9u&show=7#profile-info-3567f1658a1f41746b5828f27888e91aaa

It’s the governments who decide how much of THEIR OWN money First Nations/Native Americans can have. The Chiefs have to fight to access their own money. It’s amazing how you can look at how YOU live and at how many First Nations/Native Americans are forced to live and think they have “special privileges”.

Where is your documented sources for these “special privileges” you are complaining about?

All you have is age-old racist slander and hate propaganda that people like you continually repeat. It’s just a smoke screen to hide your responsibility for your oppression of the First Nations/Native Americans.

It’s 2010. . . When is equality going to kick in?

When will your money, property, resources be stolen, your lands eroded and contaminated for the benefit of First Nations/Native Americans?


Every racist always says “This is not racist” or “I have friends among the people I am bashing”

The reason you didn’t get any answers to your question is people recognize a “Racist Rant” when they see one.

Your from England and you think our politics are the same as the US??? We’re a constitutional monarcy dude. We use the Parliamentary system, directly evolved from your country. Our head of state is Queen Elizabeth! We are more liberal than Americans, we have a unique accent, but you wouldn’t be able to tell, since we can’t tell the difference from someone in London and someone in Dover. Our culture is based towards understanding rather than xenophobia. We talk first then fight. Our cities are smaller that even in the UK. You probably have more McDonald’s that we do. And yes we are offended by the question, “from what part of america are you from”. America is the US. Canada is Canada. We are not North Americans, or Americans. We are Canadians. We continued to stay loyal to the crown, and continued to stay independant of the US. We fought for our independance in 1812 with the help of our true friends the British, and helped them in their times of need (WWI WW2).

Another level1 white kid with a bad attitude towards skins. There are some NDN women from Canada posting here on YA, maybe they will see the star and answer you.

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