What are my chances of D1 hockey?

I am an upcoming junior in high school, who is 6′ 2″ and weighs 220 pounds. I play hockey at the Midget U16 AA level, and I also play on my high school’s club team who wins the Maryland state championship like it’s nothing. I tried explaining to him that AA hockey doesn’t get exposure to…


Play better. Nobody is getting passed over anymore. Don’t believe me? Look at the number of players coming out of the sun belt getting drafted by NHL clubs (Auston Matthews grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona and got noticed despite having zero pedigree). There are several other players who’ve seen time in the NHL who played in the sun belt as kids.

You don’t say who ‘him’ is (coach, parent).

IF you’re good enough, you’ll get noticed (I live in the GTA and GTHL games at every level are getting observed and/or videotaped). If you’re not, then you won’t. With the amount of games being videotaped good players get noticed. Bad ones don’t.

Winning a championship with a school team is nice but it doesn’t mean you’re an exceptional player or not.

Ivy league schools don’t offer athletic scholarships…but you probably knew that (learned this from last summer when Jimmy Vesey, who played at Harvard, was a UFA who negotiated a deal with the NY Rangers). You don’t say if you’ve applied or not or contacted anyone associated with the athletic department. Not going to say it helped or didn’t but Vesey’s dad was (and still is) a pro scout (I don’t care if he’s the second coming of Connor McDavid- if he doesn’t have the grades/test scores Harvard wouldn’t have given him the time of day).

I’m sure you’re aware that Ivy League schools aren’t exactly public state schools so test scores and weighted GPA being ‘way above average’ don’t say much- in short, if you couldn’t otherwise get into an Ivy League school on your own accord, the odds of you being brought in because of hockey are virtually nil.

Suggestion: talk to your coach and ask him what you need to work on (specifics). In the meantime, look at power skating schools and summer hockey camps (if the NHL’s elite attend power skating schools in the summer then you should probably follow suit).

Less kids play hockey then any other sport in high school. Hockey players have the greatest chance of making it to the next level compared to other sports.

Virtually non-existent, because even if dominating in your current league / division, let’s face it kid,
you’re not facing the competition you need in order to be properly analyzed. Focus on academics.

Post your videos to YouTube. Send your videos to agents and they may wanna work for you. Send your videos directly to the team

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